Bass Guitar Teacher Andrew Pouska

Bass Guitar Teacher Andrew Pouska

Hi. Thank you for taking time to read about me and the lessons I teach.

My name is Andrew Pouska. I have been teaching private music lessons in the Houston area since 1993. I have studied privately with many of Houston's finest jazz musicians and teachers. I also have a degree from the University of Houston in psychology. My interest in cognitive psychology and the ways individuals learn has greatly influenced my approach to teaching.

I try to be very diverse both in my musical interests and teaching. There are great things to be gleaned from every style of music. I like jazz, rock, blues, Classical, funk, R&B, reggae, Latin, old country, electronic, all sorts of world music, rap, and hip-hop. I try to expose all of my students to styles unfamiliar to them. I think it is important for every musician to have many options available to them in their playing. I don't want my students to get stuck just playing one style that's in vogue today.

I have played in jazz groups around town and some freelance work. Not too long ago I scored the music to my first film - a short film entitled Parasomnia by Eric and Beverly Heisserer. It was quite fun and I look forward to pursuing that line of work more.

Currently I am developing a my website This has taken priority over playing any gigs. I have developed a lot of unique and effective methods for learning to play the bass, and no one seems to be teaching music on the internet the way I think it should be taught. In my own small way I hope to change what's out there. It's taking a lot of time and effort. I've taught myself numerous programming languages and a lot about the internet. My students, however, reap the rewards from all the instructional material I am producing. You can check out my online bass lesson site for some insight into how I teach and a little head start on our bass lessons. The site is starting to grow in popularity.

You can never stop learning. Lately I've been studying the musical theories of Joseph Schillinger. After reading some of his writing I was surprised how many opinions about music and education we shared. Schillinger was a Russian mathemetician and musician who taught many famous composers like George Gershwin and Duke Jordan. In fact, the famous Berklee School of Music was founded on his teaching. His writing and teaching are quite complex but worth the effort once you start to make sense of his unique musical language.

I love teaching at Tempo. Alan, the other teachers and I opened Tempo in March of 2000. We all get along very well and it is a positive atmosphere. We are lucky to not have to deal with the frustrations of teaching in music stores. We've actually had stores tell us we need to get rid of students if they're not buying things! Now we can freely give you advice on where to make purchases and what to buy.

Hopefully this has given you some idea of who I am and what I'm up to. If you have more questions about me or wish to sign up for lessons, use the contact form.

Thanks for reading,
Andrew Pouska
Tempo Bass Guitar Teacher

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