Bass Lesson Materials

You will need only a handful of things for taking bass lessons with me.

Bass Guitar

Any bass will do fine. You can check out my website's bass guitar buying guide if you are unsure of what you need.

Bass Amp

You'll need some sort of bass amp. At least a small practice amp to hear yourself. I also have a bass amp guide.

You don't need to bring your amp to lessons. I have one there for you to use.


A metronome is a device that produces a steady and accurate clicking sound. This helps you develop a steady sense of rhythm that is crucial for bass players.

Make sure you purchase a digital metronome that makes a clicking sound. Don't get a pendulum metronome. And, don't get one that makes beeping sounds. Seiko makes a model starting with the letters "SQM-???". They always change the number. Or, Qwik-Time makes a similar model that clicks.

You can leave your metronome at home. It's not necessary to bring it to your lessons.

Books and Other Stuff

I have a lot of my own material to give you. If we need a book, I'll let you know at your lesson.

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