Beginner Bass Guitar Lessons

Why Take Bass Lessons?

It's great that you are looking into taking bass lessons. Though it is possible to teach yourself, I wouldn't recommend it. It is a much slower process and you can develop some really bad habits. It will take much longer to unlearn those habits than learn things correctly the first time. I have taught well over 2000 people in the Houston area how to play bass. The students who come to me after having taught themselves for a couple of years are about as far along as my students who have been taking lessons for only two or three months! Having a teacher guide you makes a huge difference.

If you have been teaching yourself already, I can show you some effective ways to change old habits. Just don't wait too long. No habit is impossible to break. But the longer you let it go, the more work it is to overcome.

What We Will Study

When you start bass lessons with me, I will give you a book that covers the fundamentals of playing bass. Some of these beginner bass lessons are freely available online. Feel free to go over them for a head start, or to see how I teach.

First, we will cover proper technique so that you get a great sound and avoid hand injuries in the future. Then we will dive into playing music. I will teach you basslines that are examples of specific bass playing concepts. I am also happy to teach you any songs you are interested in playing. You can bring in a CD and I can figure out the bassline in a couple of minutes and show you how to play it. I will show you many different concepts about rhythm, chords, scales and technique. I teach in a very orderly way with each concept building on the previous one. This gives you a very solid foundation and makes remembering the concepts much easier. 

I feel it is important to study a broad range of styles. You don't want to get stuck in one style. Imagine if it were the 70's and you came to me only wanting to learn how to play disco! Where would you be now if that's all you knew how to play? I will show you basslines from history's most influential bassists. We will eventually cover the whole spectrum from Bach to the most recent musical artists.

I also place a lot of emphasis on making you a creative bassist. You will soon see that you are frequently expected to create or improvise your own basslines. I will give you a lot of insight into creating your own basslines and give you all sorts of tips and ideas.

We will go as fast or slow as you need. I am very patient and I love getting people started on bass. It's a great instrument and I hope to teach you how to play it well!

Andrew Pouska
Bass Teacher - Tempo School of Music

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