Blues Bass Guitar Lessons

About the Blues

The Blues has been the most influential musical style of the past century. Jazz, rock, country, R&B, funk all have a strong connection to the Blues. To study any of these other styles it's critical to learn to play the Blues and to play it well.

What We'll Study in Our Blues Bass Lessons

First we'll study what makes the Blues what it is. We'll look at the song format, the theory behind it, its history, and common blues basslines like the boogie-woogie.

You need to be ready to play the blues in all its variations in any key. We'll study major and minor blues in all 12 keys. We'll look deeply into creating and improvising your own blues basslines.

Rhythmically we'll examine straight and shuffle feels. You'll learn about the basic rhythms used in early blues all the way to the funkier electric blues basslines and blues-rock.

I encourage you to bring in blues songs you want to learn, too. It's not all just theory. Any song that inspires you to play and practice more is fine by me.

Learning from the Great Blues Bassists

It's always wise to learn from history. We'll look at many of the most influential blues bassists. You'll learn a lot by studying the basslines of Willie Dixon, Jerry Jemmott, Tommy Shannon, and Roscoe Beck to name a few.

I hope this gives you a basic idea of what we'll be learning in our bass lessons. I look forward to helping you achieve your bass-playing goals.

Andrew Pouska
Bass Teacher
Tempo School of Music

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