Funk & Slap Bass Lessons

Funk bass is some of the most fun and satisfying stuff to play on bass. Funk can range from simple to challenging to play. Many of funk's bass patterns are fairly simple. Where funk gets complex is in the rhythm and creating a solid groove.

What Our Funk Bass Lessons Will Cover

You'll first need to develop a solid, consistent playing technique. We'll talk about both fingerstyle technique and slap and pop techniques.

We'll work a lot on your rhythmic skills. A lot of the greatest funk contains a lot of syncopated 16th note rhythms. I'll show you how to think them and feel them.

From there it's key to learn about chord patterns and scales. We'll start with simple ones and work toward knowing them in every key and across the entire bass fretboard.

Studying the Great Funk Players

We'll learn a number of classic funk basslines every bassist should know. We'll learn funky basslines by James Jamerson, Chuck Rainey, Jerry Jemmott, Donald Duck Dunn, Bootsy Collins, Tommy Cogbill, George Porter, Jr., Larry Graham, Rocco Prestia, Flea, and many, many more.

Developing your funk skills is always fun. I'm good at breaking it down into the essentials and helping you find your own funky voice.

Looking forward to helping develop your funk playing and more,
Andrew Pouska
Bass Teacher
Tempo School of Music

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