Praise & Worship Bass Lessons

Learning to play bass for church is an excellent way to develop your skills as a bass player. I have many students from various churches in and around Houston. Playing in your church's praise and worship group forces you to learn the essentials of bass playing quickly. On top of that, you will get comfortable performing before an audience and playing with other musicians. Playing bass at your church couldn't be a more positive thing to do.

What We'll Study in Your Lessons Covering Praise and Worship Music

Most of the time the bass player is given a sketch of each song with lyrics and chord symbols. From that you're expected to create or improvise your own bassline. A large part of what we'll study is what to play. We'll start with the simplest of patterns that can get you through any song. Then we'll expand your skills/bass-playing vocabulary so you can really create interesting and supportive bass parts.

Many praise and worships songs are fairly simple. Some can be very repetitive. I'll show you a number of creative concepts you can apply to keep the music from getting boring.

You can bring in any songs you want to work on. I'll help you make heads or tails of it all. Once you get the basics of reading the music charts, it's not too scary.

All in all I think playing bass at church is one of the best avenues in today's music scene to really learn about music and how to be a good bassist. You'll see a lot of progress when you combine lessons with playing weekly at your church.

I look forward to helping you with your progress,
Andrew Pouska
Bass Teacher
Tempo School of Music

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