R&B Bass Lessons

Born from the Blues, R&B is one of my favorite styles to play and teach. In R&B the bass has more presence than in a lot of other styles.

What We'll Learn in Lessons Covering R&B Bass

Once we've covered basic technique and the Blues, we'll explore many of the common bass patterns used in R&B basslines. There are a handful of bass patterns and chord progressions that are used over and over in R&B. Understanding and eventually mastering these will make everything much easier.

We'll learn lines from early Motown on to current Hip-Hop.

We'll analyze and explore many of the essential rhythms found in R&B bass playing. R&B bass is all about grooving and rhythm. You need to develop a strong rhythmic sense. We'll learn about maintaining the beat, syncopated rhythms, swing sixteenth note grooves, and more.

Learning from Great R&B Bassists

We'll study basslines by players such as James Jamerson, Jerry Jemmott, Chuck Rainey, Duck Dunn, Bootsy Collins, Tommy Cogbill, David Hood, and many others.

By breaking down the lines of these bass players you can better understand how it all works. From there you can start developing your own basslines and unique playing style.

I look forward to helping you with your progress,

Andrew Pouska
Bass Teacher
Tempo School of Music

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