Rock Bass Lessons

Almost all of my students work on playing rock bass at some point. After blues, I think rock is a great place to develop your essential bass skills regardless what you want to eventually play.

Rock bass playing requires you to focus on essentials like rhythm, technique, and learning about chords and the fretboard.

What We'll Learn in Our Rock Bass Lessons

Once we've discussed basic playing technique, we'll work on rhythm. Rock rhythms are usually not too complex and really help you develop a steady sense of the beat.

From there we'll be learning about common arpeggios, scales, and chord progressions used in rock.

You'll learn common rock bass patterns, riffs, and classic rock basslines.

If you're playing in a band or want to, we'll discuss a lot about constructing original basslines. I love helping people develop their creativity on the bass and in music.

In addition to my curriculum, I encourage you to bring in any song you'd like to play. You always learn best when you play your favorite music.

Great Rock Bassists

It's essential to study those players who preceded you. We'll be learning basslines by many of the greatest rock bass players like Paul McCartney, Jack Bruce, John Entwistle, John Paul Jones, Geddy Lee, Sting, and many more. We'll break down each bassist's style and see what you can take from that to develop your own original bass playing style.

I look forward to helping you rock on the bass,
Andrew Pouska
Bass Teacher
Tempo School of Music

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