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Voice lessons can help any singer--if you're a professional needing to know how to get and keep your voice in top shape, or if you can't carry a tune in a bucket. Whether you've been told your voice is amazing, but you know you need the knowledge to understand how to keep it that way consistently, or your best friend told you you're “tone deaf, ” or somewhere in between—I'd like to help you.

If you love to sing and want to understand how your voice works, how to improve it, and how to keep it healthy, private voice lessons will set you on the right path for a lifetime of singing.

What to Expect in Voice Lessons at Tempo School of Music

In our private classes, we'll start with the mechanics of how your voice works, how to practice in order to see consistent improvements in your voice, and start giving you tools and techniques to use in your practice from the beginning. We will build and progress as you and your voice improve and your confidence and comfort level increase.

We'll spend time on techniques and exercises as well as songs in your lesson. You can't train your voice using only songs, but because you train your voice in order to sing songs well, I don't think lessons are complete without spending plenty of time practicing, singing, and even writing songs (if you'd like). We can work on songs that you choose, or I can help you choose songs you'd enjoy practicing. We can also spend time polishing up original songs, especially if you're planning to perform or record them.

If you're just getting started with singing you can read more about our beginner voice lessons.

A Teaching Approach Using Modern Music

The general approach of voice lessons at Tempo is non-classical and focuses on tapping into your natural voice to use in singing any style of contemporary music you enjoy: pop, rock and hardcore, R&B and hip hop, gospel and praise & worship, and country.

If you can copy all of your favorite singers' voices but don't know what your own voice sounds and feels like, I will help you find it—it's there, but mimicking another singer can become such a habit that you forget what your own voice can be.

Expand Your Performance Skills

If you are a dancer, actor or model who wants to feel competent and confident if you need to sing at your next audition, voice lessons can give you the push and the guidance you need to add singing to your repertoire.

Common Questions About Our Voice Lessons...

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Arrange to Take Vocal Lessons at Tempo

Call or email through the form below when you're ready to get started with your voice lessons. I can let you know what times are available or answer any other questions you have.

Most students take a weekly half-hour lesson, and that works very well for progressing. If you would like longer lessons or have a time crunch to get ready for a singing event, we can try to schedule additional time to meet your needs.

Thank you for your interest,

Winnie Fristoe
Voice Teacher
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