Beginner Voice Lessons

Taking voice lessons for the first time is an exciting step. Whether you are an experienced singer with no formal training, a new singer, a person for whom singing comes easily and naturally, or a person who struggles to sing the notes of a simple melody, voice lessons have something to offer you. I have yet to meet a student who is unable to progress vocally, and most students will sing with greater ease and less tension and strain after one lesson. The voice is a complex and beautiful instrument, and each person's voice is uniquely his or her own. Vocal lessons with the right teacher will help you to make the most of the voice that is yours while protecting your instrument from future damage.

Is taking voice lessons right for you? Regardless of your experience with singing, investing the time to learn and practice proper technique is invaluable. Having a good warm-up, vocal exercises, and cool down will allow you to sing well consistently and progress continuously. Using improper technique is a risk to any singer's voice. It can create unnecessary challenges and strain, and in some can cause permanent, irreversible vocal damage.

You can progress farther and faster with voice lessons than with self-study. Armed with proper technique, you'll already be ahead of the game. Add to that an objective set of experienced ears to detect and correct your personal challenges each week and you will be well on your way to achieving your singing goals.

Winnie Fristoe
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