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Houston's top music teachers
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Online Lessons Available!
Many of Tempo's teachers are teaching music lessons on Zoom and Skype. Make the most of your time at home learning how to play an instrument.
In-Person Lessons
Tempo teachers are teaching in-person lessons at Tempo. Please talk with your teacher before visiting Tempo to learn what precautions are being taken and what is expected of students and parents. Thank you.


We teach most popular instruments: Piano, guitar, voice, bass guitar, violin, banjo, drums, and more.


Tempo's music teachers are all highly-experienced, full-time musicians and music teachers.


Tempo is located in West Houston on Westheimer near Eldridge.

We want to help bring music to your life.

At Tempo we know the power of music. It brings joy and health to those who play, learn and appreciate it.

Tempo's Philosophy

These are just some of the goals and priorities of our dedicated music teachers...

Make music lessons fun! If it's not fun students don't practice.

Give each student musical skills to last a lifetime.

Give each student learning skills to last a lifetime.

Encourage students to be creative on his or her instrument.

Expand each student's knowledge of musical styles and history.

Set a positive example for young students.

Thanks for Your Interest in Our Music School and Our Music Lessons

We appreciate you reading and visiting our website. We hope you will join us for lessons soon. Good luck with all of your musical endeavors!

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