Beginner Guitar Lessons


Hi and thanks for inquiring about beginner guitar lessons. Whether you are interested in an acoustic guitar or electric guitar, the basics are the same. Though it is possible to teach yourself, the process is much slower and it is possible and likely that you will develop bad playing and practice habits that can be difficult to break later on. Whatever you want to achieve on guitar I can help you get there in the most efficient manner avoiding all the pitfalls which many beginners seem to fall into.

If you have been teaching yourself, I can show you how to develop good practice habits that will help overcome the barriers that are keeping you from achieving the things you want to accomplish with your playing.


I have found that a good grounding in basic fundamentals such as rhythm, sight-reading, and basic theory combined with chord and scale studies help you achieve the basic skills you will need to play any style you desire.

Don’t get the idea that this is all work and no fun. We will start working on actual songs right away. We will also cover material in a variety of styles so that you are well-grounded. But whatever your favorite style is, I will make sure to make that the focus.

We will go at whatever pace you feel comfortable with – fast or slow. I am very patient and have taught hundreds of students over the last 13+ years. I look forward to helping you achieve your musical goals whatever they are.

Alan Darby
Guitar Instructor
Tempo School of Music

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