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Tempo's Philosophy

These are just some of the goals and priorities of our dedicated music teachers…

Lesson Rates

We are proud to offer excellent teachers at some of the lowest rates in town! We want everyone to have a chance to study music. You won’t find better teachers at lower rates than ours. Keep in mind you may need some materials like books and a metronome. You’ll buy these elsewhere, and we try to keep these costs to a minimum – usually under $30. We’re not a retail store and we won’t try to sell you anything. We’ll point you to the cheapest places to get anything you need.
Lessons are paid monthly at the first lesson of each month. Lessons are typically 30-minutes.


You are welcome to drop-in but teachers will likely be with students and may not be able to speak with you. Please contact them directly over the phone or by email. You will need to speak directly with a teacher for specific lesson time availability and to coordinate a time for your lessons. Call or text us for available times.

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We offer beginner music lessons for all ages at an affordable price. You can schedule in-person or online music classes. Our music instructors will help you achieve your goals. Learn how to play your favorite instrument today!
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