Guitar Teacher Alan Darby

Guitar Teacher Alan Darby

Alan Darby - Guitar TeacherI can recall my first true musical experience. I was in fourth grade music class and we were singing various songs. Up until that point, I had not been that interested in music, but I was very interested in others forms of art. On this particular day however, we began singing an Irish folk song called Over the Sea to Skye. I loved the words and melody to the song so much, I began singing my heart out. All of a sudden the teacher stopped playing the piano and asked, Who is that singing?” Much to my embarrassment my classmates started pointing at me. The teacher told me to stay after class. I thought I was in trouble. But I was wrong. Instead she asked me to sing some other songs and began to check my vocal range. Afterwards she asked me to join the 6th grade choir. I was so excited I agreed immediately. That was the beginning of my pursuit of music. I continued singing in choir as a featured soloist all throughout my schooling.

I started playing guitar at age 12. I was teaching myself until high school when my parents suggested I study at the East Detroit Conservatory of Music.

I taught my first student while I was in the 12th grade. He was a troubled kid who asked if I would teach him after hearing me play. This was when I first discovered my love for sharing music with others.

After high school I played in several cover bands and continued my studies in classical guitar in the Detroit and Houston areas. I also studied with several prominent Jazz musicians in Houston. Later I studied music theory, rhythm and ear training at The Faunt School of Creative Music in Los Angles with the school's founder Jamie Faunt and other teachers. To this day I continue studying music and growing as a musician. And I intend to do so for the rest of my life.

Alan W. Darby

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