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Piano Lessons

We offer beginner piano lessons, lessons for kids, and piano classes for people looking to sharpen their piano skills. Our piano instructors will create custom lesson plans for your skill level. Schedule your piano classes today!
The piano is one of the best instruments to start with as a musician. Learning the piano allows you to understand music theory, chords, and sheet music. Not only is playing the piano fun, but it can also help improve children’s motor skills, listening skills, and cognitive performance.

Beginner Piano Lessons

At Tempo School of Music, we offer piano classes for adults and piano classes for kids. Learn music theory, sheet music, sight-reading, and ear training with our highly skilled piano teachers.

Our piano instructors will be with you step by step, making learning piano fun and exciting. Learn how to play songs, play by ear, improvise, and structure your own songs. Schedule your beginner piano lessons with our piano teachers today!

Advanced Piano Classes

Have you been playing the piano for a while but would like to improve your skillset? Our advanced piano classes are designed for musicians who have had plenty of practice and experience playing the piano. Advanced piano classes allow pianists to sharpen their techniques and practice challenging pieces of music. Schedule your advanced piano classes today!

Online Piano Lessons

Learn how to play piano from the comfort of your own home with video lessons! We know how busy life can get with work schedules and school schedules. This is why our piano instructors offer online piano lessons. We provide some of the best online piano lessons for beginners.

Schedule Your Lessons Today At Our Houston Music School!

Piano Lesson FAQ'S

At Tempo School of Music, we are proud to offer excellent teachers at some of the lowest rates in town! We want everyone to have a chance to study music. You won’t find better teachers at lower rates than ours.

Keep in mind you may need some materials like books and a metronome. You’ll buy these elsewhere, and we try to keep these costs to a minimum – usually under $30. We’re not a retail store, and we won’t try to sell you anything. We’ll point you to the cheapest places to get anything you need.

Typically, we recommend starting piano classes around 5-8 years old.

Success depends on several factors such as developing hand strength, finger dexterity, rhythmic knowledge, and other basic skills. To succeed, students will need the ability to focus for at least 30 minutes, plenty of time to practice, and motivation. It is our goal to help them develop these skills.

We strongly encourage spending at least 30 minutes at home every day practicing what you learned in class. Regular practice and asking questions will allow you to become proficient on the piano.
At Tempo School of Music, we offer in-person classes and online lessons. Let our highly skilled piano instructors teach you how to play the piano!

Piano Classes In Houston

Are you searching for “adult piano lessons Houston”, “private piano lessons Houston”, or “piano classes for kids near me”? At Tempo School of Music, we offer in-person and online lessons. Schedule your piano classes today!
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