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Signing up for lessons with any of Tempo's teachers means you have read and agree to abide by the following policies:

Lesson Payment Policies

At the first lesson of each month you pay for all the lessons in that month. This will usually be 4 lessons, but occasionally there may be 5 depending on how the days of the month fall.

There are no time commitments beyond each month for which you pay.

Each teacher accepts cash, zelle or check only. Checks are made payable to the teachernot Tempo School of Music.

Lesson Attendance Policies

Please realize our time to teach is limited and you are paying for and reserving our time each week.

In order for you to receive quality teaching from a full-time instructor, Tempo's teachers cannot afford to be flexible with these attendance policies. Please ensure that you understand them and can abide by them. We, and the majority of our students, feel these policies are straightforward and reasonable. Thank you for following them.

Lessons may be rescheduled with proper notice.

To reschedule your lesson, you must call by NOON the day before your normally scheduled lesson. After that time the instructor loses the opportunity to schedule another student in your time slot and must charge you for it.

You may reschedule no more than one lesson each month.

If you do not show up for a lesson or fail to provide proper advance notice, you will lose that lesson.

Notice must be made to the instructor's contact number. Do not call the school phone number - your teacher will not get the message in time and will charge you for the lesson.

You must provide two weeks notice if you will be going on vacation and plan to miss more than two lessons.

Please reschedule your lesson if you are ill. We find one sick day every three months reasonable.